I was going through the newspapers today and saw this.



George K

Some hearts sound better than others.


“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”
 ― Ellen Goodman


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One day the Avengers come back to the tower and realize someone broke in so Tony checks the security footage and its 24 minutes of Deadpool singing Fergilicious while making an inhuman amount of pancakes and then at the end of the video he takes all of these hundreds of pancakes and leaves and they’re all just like wtf and when they go to bed their beds are all lined with pancakes.


You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will look back in a few years and be absolutely perplexed and awed by how every little thing added up and brought you somewhere wonderful - or where you always wanted to be. You will be grateful that things didn’t work out the way you once wanted them to.
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I’m a bit dirty and grimy. I’m kinda like an alley cat that’s kinda been out in the rain for a long time. And, y’know, you don’t really wanna touch him…but he’s kinda adorable…so you kinda let him in the house and clean him up. But then he runs back outside and brings back, like, a dead mouse.
Dean Ambrose, proving that he’s more self-aware than any one of us ever realized. (via redribbonarmy)

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